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Physical Therapy

Our science-based physical therapy is designed to help you reduce pain and heal injuries that impact your ability to function at your normal level of activity and keep you from enjoying a maximum quality of life.

We stress education and prescribed exercises in tandem with therapy to not only heal your injuries, but to expose the root cause and prevent them from recurring.

Following a thorough examination and assessment, you will receive a customized program of therapy that could include both hands-on therapy and treatment with modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulations.

If you are in pain, don’t wait until you have seen your doctor. The state of New York allows patients to get physical therapy without obtaining a doctor's prescription in a process called "direct access." Patients who want to seek physical therapy before seeing their doctor may go to a physical therapy facility to receive treatment for up to 30 days in total. After that initial 30 day treatment period, the patient will then need to get a prescription from their doctor if they need to continue physical therapy.

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